Beauty is from the inside out…

Do you meditate? Do you practice? Do you grow?

I tell my clients in this fast- paced society we all have 24 hours 7 days a week to do what we want to do & need to do.

My passion for what I do now comes from something I started when I was just a child. I was born and raised in New Jersey, but I love New York. As little girls, my sister & I would come into the city with our parents, and I loved to go see the New York City Ballet. I graduated from Saratoga Spring’s Skidmore College in dance and also anthropology with an emphasis on sacred, ethnic, and contemporary dance, cultural anthropology, and the healing arts. I began graduate work at Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute in creative arts therapy, which combines the creative and expressive arts integrated with counseling and psychosomatic (mind-body) practices, such as dance, yoga, movement, and meditation, and completed my counseling training at The New York Open Center’s Holistic Health Counseling Program. After living in Williamsburg, Bushwick, and Astoria as well, I now live in St. George Staten Island teaching about health, wellness, and holistic balanced living.  

It’s 2015 and I’ve learned many lessons. I’m currently 41 years old, a kapha woman with also a strong pitta predisposition, according to ayurveda & yoga. I’m a dancer at heart with a big heart & a big temper on certain occasions. I have a fiery side. Last December I had undergone a myomectomy, a surgery to remove from my uterus a very large overgrown myoma tumor due to increased estrogen. I was able to live with it for about 5 years as I tried healing myself naturally, even losing extra weight, but tumors can be very difficult to heal. I learned extensively about the African, Indian, and Chinese medicine traditions of the past. After getting my diet & weight under control, I had a surgery to remove the myoma tumor from my abdomen. I then had to rest, learn how to stand up and walk again, learn how to do downward dog, & learn how to work my way back again into headstands and challenging positions. Even with all I have accomplished now, I know my body has changed, but as I get older, it will continue to change. Through my knowledge and experience, I help women like myself to live their best possible lives. I teach girls to love themselves & take care of themselves. I educate children about the necessity for a good diet & exercise. And mostly I teach people of all ages about the power of acceptance so that we all can have a more lovely place to live. Beauty definitely comes in all shapes & sizes, in all colors & creeds, and in all creatures created by the almighty One.

Shanti, Salaam, Shalom, Selah


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