(ahhh’ gah pay) n. 1. love

a g a p e

h o u s e

& a o m

S        M        T        W        T        F        S

7:00~8:00PM Tues.~ Wed.~ Thurs. Yoga

8:00~8:30PM Meditation ~ Relaxation

Community yoga by donation class

Transcendance vinyasa yoga class

Reiki healing, yoga, & meditation circle


Kripalu chair yoga, meditation, & healing

Thai yoga massage & meditation

Intro to ayurveda, yoga, & meditation

Split Series Sadhana

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ $20 suggested donation ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ (& register early for a discount!) ~ ~ ~

St. George Staten Island

(ahhh’ gah pay) n 1 love 2 respect 3 service

agape house & aom

Love, respect, & service is the meaning of agape. Exhale, just say ahhh, feel inspired just being present. The alpha and the omega is aom, a sound bringing calm. In ancient Sanskrit namaste’ means I see you and I honor you for all that you are. Knowledge about balanced living is known as ayurveda where we can heal ourselves holistically through wisdom and compassion. Yoga is the communion of the mind, body, and soul. The mind affects the body, also the body affects the mind, and the soul affects & is affected by these. It’s together a kind of trinity in our human and divine potential. Come join us in enjoying holistic living & experiencing your full potential!

5 Weeks For 5 Sessions Only $95!

Current Spring Schedule

Fridays Noon @ St. John The Divine

Tuesdays Weekly 1PM @ St. John The Divine

Services & Sessions In St. George Staten Island

Thank you for visiting and namaste’

agape house & aom

1 love, 1 heart, 1 world 1<3


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