Until Fri. June 17th!


My morning meditation brought me to a question… What is love, and is desire the same as love?

     ~ ~ ~  Join Me & Reiki Master ~ Yoga Teacher, Autumn Underwood, RN, Fri. June 17th  ~ ~ ~  

Buddhism taught me that our suffering comes from desire, and right intentions are love & selflessness. If desire is selfish, then love is selfless. The intersection between the two is in the heart, centered between our needs & our desires. Learn about the chakras, the psychology & physiology of the nurturing heart, and the rising of energy that grounds us within meditation, yoga, movement, & sadhana ~ practice.

And Happy Father’s Day!

Classes are Mon.~Tues.~Wed.~Thurs. 7~8pm Yoga & 8~8:30pm Relaxation ~ Meditation

$20 by suggested donation & 8:30pm free community potluck

Join us at the end of class, before our community potluck, in meditation & prayer for our sisters & brothers affected by the attack in Orlando ~ Rest In Peace

Mon. Massage & Meditation Tues. Thai Yoga Massage Workshop Wed. Walk Off 10 Lbs! 

Thurs. Thai Yoga Massage Workshop Fri. Sat. Sun. Weekend Special Events

Show yourself some love today 1<3


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