Hotlanta, Body Local NYC, The Javitz Center, & The 5th Borough

cropped-hsmanmassage1.jpgAt The Javitz Center, I spoke to a special someone about ‘Screaming My Dream’. I have to say it’s working out nicely the more I think & talk about my grand plan. I see a vision where economically & cooperatively, everyone is making a better living and also a bigger difference by more directly relating to clients, students, & communities. Yoga (unity) is hot right now & on the rise in schools & studios. Also what’s even better, meditation, the medicinal essence of yoga, is also soaring as a practice (sadhana). And where I come in now is teaching my community about respecting our differences with ayurveda (knowledge through health), Indian, Chinese, & African medicine systems. 

Join us for our 1st July 4th Weekend Party & Potluck with food, drinks, music, dance, yoga, & services in ayurveda, massage, & Reiki! Of course advice & answers in nutrition, physiology, & lifestyle topics will be provided all for only a suggested donation of just $13 for a class or 30 minute session (+ 40 mins. for $20 & 55 mins. for $50)… My class will be Sunday 1:30-2:30PM so join me for Transcendance Vedic Yoga! And as always a free community potluck following at 3PM! Once again it’s the summer of love so come check out our brand new classes, events, & services (mamas please keep a look out for Reiki & Thai yoga massage retreats with free childcare).

I had a lovely day of retreat to Staten Island’s Midland Beach with Sara & Juliette this month followed by Reiki, massage, yoga, & meditation. Ms. Autumn Underwood, a local Yoga & Reiki master, joined me for The Small Business Expo & Body Local NYC, an inspiring group of health professionals supporting one another with Zara being the biggest part of that in-spirit-zen! And thanks to you, Zen Hard’s Yochai Weiss for a great yoga class for my legs (now is the time to get your legs looking good)! : )

It’s been a wonderful month for agape… I hope to hear from you, or better yet see you! Remember that it’s summer now. So keep your cool, take deep breaths, & enjoy the warmth of the season. Please stay in touch with your questions or comments. Namaste’ One Love 1<3


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