Today, July 25th, August 1st, & August 8th

St.-Clair-Beach-Sunrise-8Tonight! 7-8PM SIRious Balance & Community Healing (serious community meditation & reflection)
Today is a new Spa R&R Day with Private 40 Min. Sessions for $25. Class tonight is $13 but always by suggested donation. Community healing is about balance, Shakti & Shiva, of feminine with the masculine, of rest with action, of introspection with externalities, of compassion with our passion.

There has been a lot of suffering and tragedy as seen lately in New York City, Texas, Minnesota, & Louisiana. We’re entering the Age of Aquarius, representative currently of air, vata, shifts, movement, & change. The element of purifying fire is represented in summer. Water balances the fire. We may have more energy now so water, representative of emotion & instrospection, is just as necessary. And of course grounding, the strong energy of The Mother Earth. In ayurveda we study these elements that make up everything around us and within us. The balancing act of these elements is what ayurveda teachers do for healing & helping our clients & everyone that we know. It’s our way of making sense of the changes happening in people & in our world.

The only kind of conservation not considered in conservative America is the environment… Why? Because really it’s all just about money. Capital. Actually Native Americans were different in that respect. Someone actually took a stand this time to include natives & vets in the political conversation. But the natives of this great land communally live on reservations. The others call themselves “forefathers” & the rightful inheritors of America. Usually, they call themselves Christians. Yet most believe in pro-life as well as pro-death penalty (I don’t because I read the Bible). Hypocrisy? They want some control over who is allowed into this world as well as who should be taken out, like people who don’t look actually like them, think like them, or talk like them. Why? Because they’re different from them & their culture teaches them to be self-centered, not God-centered, not peace-centered, & not truly centered. The good book warned them of false gods, money, & the root of evil. But their ignorance blinds them. They follow like sheep but follow the wrong people, frail people who seem so strong, people actually who make their money from stocks, bonds, investments, people who have very good relationships with their bank creditors, people who care about profits not people, people who literally profit from violence & war, leaving their veterans on New York City streets, homeless & mentally impaired from the hypocrisy. These people never did a hard’s day work. But yet some of the working class trusts in them. But not in God. And never in women. They’ve forgotten that God created women to be complimentary, reminding them of the importance of God, compassion, goodness, forgiveness, & grace. They actually don’t read their Bibles. But instead they make up ideas like God hates gay people, God hates gentiles, God hates Muslims, God hates men & women that God didn’t make, which is absurd. Never in the Bible does it say that. But it does say through God’s son to bless those who curse you, and let the perfect one be the judge, God & only God because Jesus says only God is purely good & perfect. So they create hell on earth in the name of God because of their own hate, fear, ignorance, & selfishness. And this is the cycle that continues until they have a change of heart & we have a change of more loving intention & understanding. So stay strong sisters & brothers ~ Namaste’ One Love 1<3


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