5-6PM Thursday the 28th (tomorrow:)


Mixed Vinyasa Mat & Chair Yoga

St. John The Divine (1 Train To 110TH & amsterdam)

$25 by a suggested donation

Special: $20 For 4 Weeks Of 4 Sessions

*Includes all holistic health advice & results oriented programs for weight, pain, &/or detox

I’ve been reading & hearing about so many facing a crisis, a tragedy, or a problem.  There’s actually always a silver lining because there are lessons to be learned. I’ve been thinking about the idea of empowerment. We all want it, for one reason or another. Buddhists say right intention always is selflessness & love while right concentration is meditation. The medicine of the ‘sadhana’ or practice of meditation is so beneficial, just sitting yourself down, breathing, & uniting as we say in yoga, with a deeper part of life. Tomorrow we’ll explore vinyasa or flow, breathing, & sun salutation sequences challenging us in a fun way, for the new beginners to most advanced students. We are meant to all have greater power, positivity, & peace.

Stay In Touch ~ Namaste’ One Love 1<3


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