This Coming Friday!

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Fri. 8/5, 8/8, 8/15

Spa R&R Day ~ Daily Sessions & Services

7-8PM SIRrious Health & Community Healing

(Thai Massage, Yoga, Meditation, & Discussion)

8PM Free Community Potluck & Party!

I love my community… I live where Eric Garner died. I believe he died not only because of his relationship with police in our community, but because he was also seen as a threat. People are still judged by their size, color, or sex. We protest to not only demand an apology but to create change in this increasingly violent society. My community, city, & country needs healing. Through yoga I try to transform that fire in the belly into mindfulness & peace in my heart, anger into action, passion into compassion, & fear into love. I believe in balance, which honestly is what ayurveda is really teaching me & what I try to teach others.  I hope you are finding ways to cultivate balance in your life.

See You Soon ~ Namaste’ One Love 1<3


2 thoughts on “This Coming Friday!

  1. Beautiful note Liz!

    While I would love to join you for the Kundalini class

    This Wednesday, I can’t this week. We’re going away

    Thursday till Monday up to the Berkshires.

    Let’s find time to talk when I get back and find time to

    Get together. I still have two prepaid Ayurvedic cooking

    Classes at Bhagavad Life in the city. Maybe you and I can

    Find a date to cook together? That would be really fun!

    Take care and have a beautiful day!

    Joanie : )


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