People’s aggravation during summer is not a joke… The summer heat can affect us in different ways. Pitta fire is related to the summer season. I tell my clients, a fiery pitta constitution can either be very strong, like my father’s, or very sensitive like mine. Fire can be fierce and scorching. Be careful during the summer, taking care to get enough greens, protein, hydration, & rest. To beat the heat & get some immediate relief, I use aloe vera gel on my feet or the back of my neck. The oujai or ocean sounding breath is something everyone can practice anywhere at any time. Relax the tongue towards the back of the top teeth and gently restrict the back of the throat to quietly create the sound of the ocean (good for pitta & vata doshas). The sound helps to relax & focus the mind. For more summer tips & events this coming month, please stay tuned. Our weight, detox, and pain management programs are currently also underway, so keep an eye out for the next informative newsletter or contact me for more information. 1<3 Namaste’ One Lovesugarcane


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