9a2b574928c121bfd12c5496bb51a873We are made up of earth & water, fire & air, and when born, we are said to be in the kapha time of life in the very beginning… With maturity as we get older, our fire, intellect, & charisma brings us into the pitta stage of adolescence. Here we are more sensitive, and some of that sensitivity remains with us throughout our lives. We are sensitive to changes in weather, temperature, environment, just as the tide transitions with each phase of the moon. Water makes up most of the actual physical body, and symbolically water relates to emotion, feeling, or gut instincts. The element of fire, pitta, is both strong & sensitive, complimentary & purifying. Join us for meditation, healing, & conversation around this with an intention for deeper sadhana.

7-8PM Reiki Fire & Pitta Balance

followed by our free community potluck dinner

Stapleton/ St. George Staten Island

by suggested donation of $13

Hope to see you soon!


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