~  autumn ~

services & prices

Yoga by suggested donation of $10

Yoga/ meditation    30 mins.    $30

Pilates/ dance        45 mins.        $50

Thai yoga massage/ reiki 55 mins. $75

Nutrition/ ayurveda         75 mins.         $90

Certified Holistic Health Counseling 90 mins. $100

Certified & Experienced over 10 yrs.

Classes 7-8PM Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs.

ahhh elegant dinners & enriching foods… It’s time to try our hand at cooking as the new season approaches us again. Here’s simple instructions for a savory rosemary chicken. Heat your pan well then add deboned chicken. Add 1-5 sprigs of rosemary & worcestershire sauce to cover your chicken. Sprinkle with salt & pepper to taste & let it cook on one side. Flip it making sure that there’s enough liquid left in your pan to cook the other side, & there you have it. If you keep chicken in the fridge it should take no longer than 5-8 mins. but I like to cut into strips for either a chicken or green salad to make sure no pink is left inside & it’s thoroughly cooked. You can add more seasoning to your liking. Trader Joe’s Rosemary Chicken Strips are similar to this recipe. I’ll pair this with a roll & green beans. I try my best to avoid gluten so I buy their gluten-free dinner rolls. You can have a healthy evening dinner ready in less than half an hour, even if you’re crunched for time. I’ll continue to share recipes with my readers, clients, & students each season. If you have any great recipes, let me know!

~ Save The Date For A Sat. Oct. 1st Event ~

Namaste’ 1<3

Hope to see you soon! 


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