Enjoying More Together

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There’s something here for everyone!

Daily Personalized Sessions   ~    Online Holistic Services

Weekly Group Classes     ~    Free Seasonal Potlucks

7:00~7:45PM Classes Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. S.I.N.Y.C.

October 1st Oktoberfest Potluck


Paisley Socks Dance Party

5:30 PM Saturday October 1st

65 St. Paul’s Ave. (By Victory Blvd. & Bay St.)

4:30PM TranscenDance Yoga Class

(Yoga by suggested donation~ $10)

Come enjoy a class or

just some food, drinks, & music ~ We hope you like Prince!

(Paisley socks are not required:)


or to rsvp tel./text: 646-246-3340


3 thoughts on “Enjoying More Together

  1. This sounds so fun!! Sorry I can’t make it 😞 we’ll be in Florida. Have a great time! Sending you a big hug. Xoxo Evyan

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