Meditation~Yoga~Movement~Dance~ Music~


Or dinner & dancing plus you may even hear your favorite song!

There’s something here for everyone…

Weekly Group Classes ~ Free Seasonal Potlucks

Online Holistic Services ~ Daily Tailored Sessions

Classes 7:00-7:45PM Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. 

Save The Date: Sat. 11/12

Autumn’s November Potluck & Paisley Socks Dance Party

(Paisley socks not required but we hope you like Prince:)

7PM Vinyasa Yoga Flow & Basic Movement Class

Come enjoy a class or some music, food, & drinks!

Services & Prices

Yoga by donation $10 (suggested:)

Yoga/ meditation 30 mins. $25

Pilates/ dance 45 mins. $50

Thai yoga massage/ reiki 55 mins. $75

Nutrition/ ayurveda 75 mins. $90

Certified Holistic Health Counseling 90 mins. $100

Certified & Experienced over 10 yrs.

New! 10% discount or
50% when you bring a friend

4 weeks of 4 sessions for $90

St. John The Divine On Wednesdays

‘I can sleep & I dropped 1 size!’ ~M., St. John The Divine

(November’s Shopping List: Turkey, Chicken, or Tofurkey; Cranberries; Carrots; Onions; Garlic; Green Peppers; Purple Potatoes:)
or tel./text: 646-246-3340

Namaste’ One Love 1<3 Hope to see you soon!

Certified Holistic Health Counseling
massage yoga meditation ayurveda nutrition &more
a sponsored not-for-profit serving n.y.c.
(ahhh’ gah pay) n. 1. love 2. service 3. charity

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