This Coming Saturday


We all need a lil unwinding this weekend (see below for my own reasons)!

There’s something here for everyone…

Weekly Group Classes ~ Free Seasonal Potlucks

Online Holistic Services ~ Daily Tailored Sessions

Classes 7:00-7:45PM Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. 

Sat. 11/12 Autumn’s November Potluck & 

Paisley Socks Dance Party

(Paisley socks not required but we hope you like Prince:)

7PM Vinyasa Yoga Flow & Basic Movement Class

(Mini Thai Massage Sessions for those who need it)

Come enjoy a class or some music, food, & drinks!

Services & Prices

Yoga by donation $10 (suggested:)

Yoga/ meditation 30 mins. $25

Pilates/ dance 45 mins. $50

Thai yoga massage/ reiki 55 mins. $75

Nutrition/ ayurveda 75 mins. $90

Certified Holistic Health Counseling 90 mins. $100

Certified & Experienced over 10 yrs.

New! 10% discount or
50% when you bring a friend

4 weeks of 4 sessions for $90

St. John The Divine On Wednesdays

‘I can sleep & I dropped 1 size!’ ~M., St. John The Divine

(November’s Shopping List: Turkey, Chicken, or Tofurkey; Cranberries; Carrots; Onions; Garlic; Green Peppers, Purple Potatoes:)
or tel./text: 646-246-3340

As most of you already know in conversations with me, I can get quite political. In college I studied cultural anthropology. You just can’t leave a good college level class with such knowledgeable teachers without having at least a little bitterness towards America. When actually Bernie used Denmark in a sincere example of a progressive country, Hillary scoffed at him. I agree with Bernie. Our nation could do so much better. However, now much harder work is going to have to be enforced by us to make change happen because our country is sadly divided. We owe it to the next generation, and our nation, to support them in Ghandi’s exemplary way of peaceful protest, and ahimsa to create a better world for all of us…   Continue to let your light shine.

Namaste’ One Love 1<3 Hope to see you soon!

Certified Holistic Health Counseling
massage yoga meditation ayurveda nutrition &more
a sponsored not-for-profit serving n.y.c.
(ahhh’ gah pay) n. 1. love 2. service 3. charity

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