Tides, Times, & Thai Yoga Massage


What do these have in common you ask? Here in N.Y.C. we almost hit 90 this week. The weather is finally warming up & moving into summer, which is the fire ~ water ~ pitta season of course, & I’m just elated, as you may know. I’ve found there’s nothing better for aches & pains than a few hours in the ocean. This seasonal spring / summer transition, according to ayurveda ~ the sister science to yoga, is ruled by water symbolizing emotions, so as you know, it’s very important to stay hydrated. It’s also imperative to stay mindful, balanced with energy of both the head & heart. But as I always say about the need for both movement & stillness, we all need to take the time to move and stretch plus relax, meditate, & reflect. The chakra energy of the solar plexus is moving upward right now. The earth is blossoming. It’s a great time to incorporate more fruit in your diet. Grapefruit is known to help lower blood pressure & cleanse the blood (it’s always good to check with the doctor before dietary changes for your medications). The image of a rising tide is beautiful. Especially when the moon is full, the earth is more impressionable. The ocean changes. The air gets purified. The sun brings energy. And we can harness this higher vibration in our health & well- being. Foods that help us feel light should currently be key to your nutrition, but fortified to eliminate toxins with additions such as barley for those with allergies, rosewater in a yogurt lassi, sandalwood incense in your home, and mint for both your belly & bugs! ( :share your recipes to modify & improve them for your best health this season, and live with peace, love & grattitude).

There’s something here for everyone this season

Online Holistic Services ~ Daily Private Sessions

Weekly Group Classes ~ Free Seasonal Potlucks

Wednesdays 1:30 Yoga @ St. John The Divine By Suggested Donation $25

8:00-8:45 PM Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. St. George S.I.

Sat. May 19th

Our Seasonal Potluck &

Purple Socks Dance Revolt Party

(Purple socks not required but we hope you like Prince:)

7PM Yoga’s Vedic Meditation $15 B.S.D.

RSVP to come enjoy a class or some music, food, & drinks!

Mini Thai Massage Sessions for those who need

Services & Prices

Yoga by donation $15 (suggested:)

Yoga/ meditation 30 mins. $30

Pilates & Ballet/ Drum & Dance 45 mins. $50

Thai yoga massage/ reiki 55 mins. $75

Nutrition/ ayurveda 75 mins. $90

Certified Holistic Health Counseling 90 mins. $100

Spring! 10% discount or

50% when you bring a friend and

gift certificates available

5 weeks of 5 sessions for $130

Certified & Experienced over 10 yrs.

‘I can sleep & I dropped 1 size!’ ~M., St. John The Divine

(Spring’s Shopping List: Nourishing grains such as barley and wild rice, lean proteins like chicken or fish; Greens like dandelion, collards, or spinach)


or tel./text: 646-246-3340 for more info

Namaste’ One Love One Earth One World 1<3


Certified Holistic Health Counseling

a sponsored not-for-profit serving n.y.c.

(ahhh’ gah pay) n. 1. love 2. service 3. charity

Your contributions are tax- deductible to agape and always appreciated!

The Kripalu Way Of Yoga & Health ~ Centering Compassion Community

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