Becoming Pro- Choice


The bones of the oldest woman ‘Lucy’ were found in 1974 in Ethiopia in the Afar regions of Kush in Africa, dated as over 3 million years old when the Khamites existed before or during any first Dynasties, and until the start of The Achaemenid Dynasty.  In ‘Sacred Woman’, Queen Afua, a Brooklyn- based holistic health counselor, explains, “Once known as Afraka, the ‘flesh, God, and soul’, Afrika then became conquered by the Arabs, as ‘frik’ or ‘firk’ means ‘to separate, divide, and conquer’… The ‘hotep’ (peaceful) ways and original holistic nature of the Khametic people is a model that, if ever properly adapted, has the ability to save planet Earth from mass destruction… My ancestors learned how to combine and unite the elements of earth, air, fire, water, and spirit… They bring us the gift of the laying on of hands through the efforts of Ast (Isis)… Contrary to popular belief and ignorance, my Ancestors, Black people of the Black land of the Nile valley… viewed NTR, the Creator, as the undifferentiated One/All-Divine from which all of life emanates…  Manifestations – NTRU – are the aspects of Its wholeness… Heru (Horus) the falcon represents victory and the aspect we call upon to fly above all obstacles; Tehuti (Thoth) embodies the aspect of divine intelliegence (The Father Time- Lord of Time, inventor of writing, patron of scribes).”

“Khamites lived the philosophy of Maat (harmony)… They saw nature and their environment as an expression of NTR, and an inspiration for self-healing. My ancestors used the element of air – breath (respirition) – through what they called Ari Ankh Ka, known as Hatha yoga… To be purified my people used the element of fire in rituals based on the powerful rays of Atn-Ra (Sun), which blazed over the vast desert of Khamit. They used fire foods to cleanse, such as radishes, leeks, onions, and cayenne. They had burned frankincense and myrrh, cinnamon and spices, herbs, and other essential oils… I activate the element of spirit through meditation and ‘hesi’ (chanting)… This element of spirit permeates all elements, for NTR and Nature are One.”

“My earliest ancestors were mostly vegetarians particularly the priestesses and priests. They understood the necessity for purity in performing their spiritual work- unlike many spiritual teachers of today. The basic Khamitic diet consisted of beans, lentils, peas, barley, millet, nuts, fruits (such as dates, melons, and pomegranates), vegetables (such as onions, cabbage, and peppers), and healing herbs such as gotu kola, nettle, aloe, garlic, and parsley. And when they were invaded by Asian nomadic shepherds, the Heq Shaasu (Hyksos), more flesh food entered the diet.”

The consciousness of one who lives in the lotus state was/is Nefer Atum (The Khamite Adam and father of Seth), a being of pure light who evolves out of the mud (the dust, earth, and water) of challenge, where the lotus seed is fertilized, and grows upward to blossom into a wondrously beautiful soul of light. Asar (Osiris), the Lotus master, is depicted on temple walls and papyrus scrolls with a lotus growing out of his feet. The priestesses were Lotus women who wore lotus blossoms in their headbands.”

“One favorite Egyptological spin is the notion that Stone Age Hunters fleeing a Nordic ice age wound up in the then fertile Sahara… Another favorite Egyptological belief is the ‘Egyptian’ people picked up the art of agriculture from the early neolithic farmers of Mesopotamia… The scholars remain uncomfortable with anything that reveals genius coming from a central equatorial Afrakan source… Our Annu/ Twa ancestors (now insultingly labeled as ‘pygmies’) were the originators of predynastic Khamitic civilization and built the holy city of Annu (biblical On or Greek Heliopolis)… These same Annu later migrated to become the Ainu of Japan and the Taino (Ta-Annu) of the West Indies (Pre-Harrapan Civilization in 4000-2400 BC ending with the city of Lothal). And our exalted Afrakanubian civilization existed for untold millenia before any of the inhabitants of the northern zone were ever heard of, and when the northerners finally succeeded in conquering the Afrakanubian ‘Blameless Ones’ – whether Chambysis the Persian (525 B.C.E.), the Greek Alexander (330 B.C.E.), or the Romans Antony and Caesar (30 B.C.E.) – they lacked the cultural and spirtual astuteness to sustain the Maatian (righteous) principles that made Khamitic civilization so lasting and great.”

“In sections of the ‘Book of Coming Forth by Day from Night’ (the so called ‘Egyptian Book of the Dead), in the Pyramid Text and in the Coffin Texts, our ancestors continuously refer to a star-born origin. The kings and queens who sat on the Lion’s Throne of Hru (Horus) in the Hapi (Nile) Valley called themselves Sa-Ra (Son of the Sun – Sunday) and Sat-Ra (Daughter of the Sun – Saturday), respectively. Our first earth mother, Ast (Isis – Goddess of Egypt’s Spring Harvest), was born from the Star SPDT (Sirius); our first earth father, Asar (Osiris), was born in the constellation of Sah (Orion). We Afrakans WERE star trekkers for untold thousands of years before Captain Kirk’s ‘Star Trek’. Listen to Mut Hetep (Mother Peace), a Queen of the Fifth Dynasty, in a quote from her own papyrus (British Museum #10,010, Sheet 3): I have come forth from between the thighs of divinity (NTRU) I have been conceived by Sekhmet (Consort of Ptah – lioness patron of healers) and I have been brought forth at the door of the STAR SPDT (Sirius) the foremost who is Long of Strides along the celestial path of Ra day after day… As the Western world enters its third millenium, anyone of Khametic consciousness who needs to celebrate dates has countless beginnings to choose. In 10,500 B.C.E. (10,000 B.C. begins agriculture & herding) the Spdtian Nubian Khamites of the Hapi (Nile) Valley unified to build HRU-M-AKHET (The Sphinx) to honor the lioness cosmic mother healer, Sekhmet, who had rid the land of the enemies of Maat, the Isfitians (historically called Heq-Shaasu (Hyksos), nomadic shepherd worshippers of Seth, NTR of the desert and storms – Son of Adam). In 4240 B.C.E., the Hru (King) Nrmr known to Egyptologists as the ‘Pharaoh Narmer’ or ‘Menes’, reinstituted a lost unity and declared the Smai (unification not conquering, until 343 B.C.E.) of Tawi (the two regions) – Khamit and Khenset (Egypt and Nubia/Kush)… Our walls are replete with the story of a gloriously peaceful civilization forced to make chariots (which they did not invent) to defend themselves from the northern Asiatics and southern Isfitians, who worked against the principles of Maat (order, righteousness, and reciprocity)… For an old version of our creation story, one can examine The Shabaka Stone (now preserved in The British Museum in London, England)… It refers to the drowning of Asar (Osiris) and his resuscitation by his wife Ast (Asara – Isis – Mother of Hru) and her sister Nebt-Het (Nephthys – Midwife, Guardian of Breath, and Consort of Osiris’s Brother Seth, strength and usurper)… Viewing of the Divine that filtered down into our everyday life was ‘maatriarchal’, and women enjoyed a measure of equality unduplicated in these so-called modern times.”

Women’s rights have been under attack…  I’ll explain this new waning evolution,  physically, psychologically, politically, that has caused me to question the paradigm. However, issues of rape & abuse, birth control & contraception, family values & economics, Planned Parenthood Programs, a woman’s right to choose, and what I call a pro- death culture, have all forced me to see America differently. I sense a destructive nature that disregards our environment & humanity, and so I fight to reawaken agape, respect for the planet, our future, and each other.

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2 thoughts on “Becoming Pro- Choice

  1. After understanding your background, I have a greater understanding of the direction of your views. You base your beliefs on a non Western cosmogonic myth, which I believe frees you from patriarchal Eurocentric dogma. I cannot wait to read more stories about your evolution to your current views on pro choice.


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