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(ahhh’ gah pay) n 1. love 2. service 3. charity

‘Let Peace Be Just A Breath Away’ ~ Ms. Nadirah Shakoor

St. John The Divine’s partnership with the agape initiative for yoga, health, and the arts, aiyha, always wants to be spreading the love. This is a unique opportunity for teachers who develop classes to partner with holistic professionals who offer private sessions with clients. This also is a way to create lucrative jobs, overall healthier lifestyles, & greater community initiatives. We continue to work together expanding
*education about holistic living to your community
*entertainment and fun while advancing the arts & culture
*enpowerment to communities through partnerships & programs for children, adults, & seniors
Past partnerships & initiatives included:
N.Y. Open Center’s Inreach Progam
The Rivington House
New Vista For Families Women’s Shelter
Princeton Ballet’s Outreach Program
St. Peter’s Orphanage
 Our organization agape, and the activities, events, and services offered began with the Union Square Drum & Dance Circle on Friday nights, attracting hundreds of drummers & dancers over the years. We then performed with the ALMA events, Seaport Summer Series, & DJ Jellybean Benitez and the Union Square Ballroom. Many years later, we partner now with the annual N.Y. Dance Parade, The House Coalition, Coney Island Heal & Release, & Harlem’s Drum USA Day. Founder, Elizabeth M. LaBue, also expands the mission of agape to include dance, yoga, health, & community in Stapleton/St. George Staten Island, Harlem, & Manhattan.